Emotional Intelligence Understand Beyond The Facade

What is Emotional Intelligence and why is it so important to develop it ?

Emotional intelligence (EQ) represents our capacity to perceive and understand beyond the form and react with sensitivity toward everything that occurs in our life – incidents, events, situations, people, objects, animals, plants, etc.

Hence, whenever we look at an object, our way of recognizing and evaluating it has been coded according to the feelings and emotions we have recorded within ourselves during our personal experiences with that object (or type of object).

Our experience related to the object can go back to our childhood, can come from influences from parents, friends, societies, and far beyond.

Discern Understand Feel

An Emotional Diploma = Success in life

Today, new leaders are sought not only on the basis of their university diplomas, but also in relation to their capacities and skills in the management of human resources and their ability to successfully apply emotional intelligence to a wide range of relationships and situations. Profound understanding of human beings in all their aspects not only guarantees a successful company, but also a successful life on the individual, relational and family levels.

Emotional intelligence phenomenally increases our lucidity regarding the situations and events life leads us to experience. It also confers global vision and profound empathy, which enable us to have kind, loving discernment and the ability to act with knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the people concerned by a situation, event, or other incident.

School programs and teaching in the schools of tomorrow will not solely aim to develop an intellectual understanding of the world, but will also teach students how to perceive, feel and sense in depth; i.e. how to use and integrate the multi-dimensions of consciousness in the acquisition and application of the + and – codes, related to their multiple faculties.