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Because we believe in simplicity to reach the greatest results

  • From 7-17, but enjoyable by everyone :)
  • 26 HD episodes per season of approx. 25min/video.
  • 1 Teacher and 1 Student manual/season.
  • No extra work for Parents or Teachers.
  • Available online on our private & secure cloud solution.
  • New season coming every year !

When playing

means learning

The +|- Code has a profound educational purpose. However, we like to present it as a game for children/teenagers so we can bring the learning experience to another level.

The goal for students is very simple: identify if the image presented is positive (plus), negative (minus) or if it presents tendencies (which would be a mixture of both plus and minus). Some questions are related to the emotions they may perceive in the image.

Developing Capacities

While decoding each situation presented in all the episodes of The +|- Code, children/teenagers learn to develop a powerful emotional intelligence.

They will build a strong knowledge and understanding from these multiple situations encountered. Like anything we do, the more we do it, the better we become at it. This decoding process will increase their abilities to better react and take decisions during their life.

With the +|- Code, students can actually have fun while developing their leadership capacities and teachers can simultaneously connect with their students through a whole a new approach.

Finally. Books that understand Teachers & Students

High quality books with high quality content

  • Flex cover Student Manual.
  • 176 pages for 26 edition.
  • High resolution print.
  • Premium paper selection.
  • Students answer in the book.

Student Manual Sample

We also have a Teacher Manual!

Student mockup 1
Student mockup 2
Student mockup 3
Student mockup 4

The +|- Code Manual Are Not Just Books. Its the whole world that you discover

The +|- Code School Program offers manual for Teachers and Students.

They are both simple to use and to understand while transmitting the best education for emotional intelligence. Learning a new skill has never been so enjoyable.

A Teacher manual full of Insights

  • Hard cover Teacher Manual.
  • 352 pages for 26 editions.
  • High resolution print.
  • Premium paper selection.
  • Contains all the answers and even
    explaination for the wrong answers.
  • Contains discussion & activity ideas.

Teacher Manual Sample

Teacher mockup 1
Teacher mockup 2
Teacher mockup 3
Teacher mockup 4

Enjoy High Quality Video content

Intelligent content for intelligent emotions

Each video is meticusly thought and developed by a team of experts in the field of emotional intelligence, psychology, communication, etc.

Made with love and professionalism, discover new subjects each season !

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