Lead the way and bring Emotional Intelligence to your School

School features

Online or book version available.

Easy onboarding with Teachers and Students from 7-17.

To begin the Program, you simply need a projector and a computer with a sound system.

Students can answer directly within the student manual by checking the boxes corresponding to the right answers.

Teacher manuals include also explaination of the wrong answers if they were selected by the students. They also provide useful tips and additional descriptions for Teachers to better accompany their Students.

Great discussions ideas are located at the end of each edition to set an interactive moment with your students or to be given as a homework.

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School Benefits

Improves the teachers - students relationship

Beautiful moment to learn in a fun and entertaining way

Places the school at the avant-garde of our time and method of teaching

Allows for interactivity; the teacher can pause the video to make the class participate

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