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Child leadership through Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

When PAPER AND PIXELS meet for the best educational experience

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The +|- Code values education very highly and quality is part of everything we do. Each feature has been carefully though out, all the way from the initial concept to printing.

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It's no secret that everyone loves videos and interaction. That's why we brought specialists together to create high quality and engaging videos. All skillfully created with love.

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Great Education means great destiny

The +|- Code is a modern Educational Program for students from 7+ (including High Potential children), teenagers, university students and all adults who wish to develop their EQ. Discover this amazing educational game to develop Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and leadership qualities.

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A program for everyone

The +|- Code is very easy to use in schools or even at home with your children/teenagers. Bring the best of videos and books together to create a modern approach to education. Student and Teacher manuals plus 26 HD videos per season.


For Individuals

An ideal program for children age 7+, teenagers and all adults who wish to know more about, and develop their emotional intelligence.

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For Families

A great family game because we love giving the best education to our children.

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For Schools & After-School Programs

Teaching with online EQ tests or top-of-the-line educational books. Learning Emotional Intelligence has never been so easy and fascinating.

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 Create wonderful interactions to improve discernment, leadership skills and constructive decision-making.

What is Emotional Intelligence ?

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the capacity to perceive, feel and understand information beyond appearances.

EQ is the ability to decode the world... to live with multi-dimensional vision.

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