• School Program to develop Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Help to understand what we feel beyond the form
  • Activate decision making, leadership, evaluation process

Available for

  • School or after school program with Teacher
  • At home with Parent
  • Students from 7-17


  • 26 HD episodes, 25 minutes each
  • One full year Student and Teacher Manuals
  • Online program coming soon
  • Fun activities and exercises

What is the +|- Code Program ? 

What is Emotional Intelligence and why is it so important to develop it ? 

Emotional intelligence (EQ) represents our human capacity to perceive and understand beyond the form and react with sensitivity toward everything that occurs in our life – incidents, events, situations, people, objects, animals, plants, etc. Hence, whenever we look at an object, our way of recognizing and evaluating it has been coded according to the feelings and emotions we have recorded within ourselves during our personal experiences with that object (or type of object). Our experience related to the object can go back to our childhood, can come from influences from parents, friends, societies, and far beyond. 

An emotional diploma = success in life

Today, new leaders are sought not only on the basis of their university diplomas, but also in relation to their capacities and skills in the management of human resources and their ability to successfully apply emotional intelligence to a wide range of relationships and situations. Profound understanding of human beings in all their aspects not only guarantees a successful company, but also a successful life on the individual, relational and family levels.

Emotional intelligence phenomenally increases our lucidity regarding the situations and events life leads us to experience. It also confers global vision and profound empathy, which enable us to have kind, loving discernment and the ability to act with knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the people concerned by a situation, event, or other incident.

School programs and teaching in the schools of tomorrow will not solely aim to develop an intellectual understanding of the world, but will also teach students how to perceive, feel and sense in depth; i.e. how to use and integrate the multi-dimensions of consciousness in the acquisition and application of the + and – codes, related to their multiple faculties.

Key points of the +|– Code Program

  • From 7 - 17 years old, and older
  • Program designed for Schools
  • Approx. 25 min videos/webinars + one Manual for Teacher and one Manual for Student (books or online options)
  • No extra work for schools or teachers
  • Available online on our private & secure cloud solution
  • High quality HD video production
  • It is up to the school to decide how often the program is to be diffused; we provide 26 Editions for 1 Year Program
  • Schools will receive a special login after registration to connect to the online school portal.
  • To begin the Program, you simply need a projector and a computer with a sound system
  • The main objective of this educational game is to recognize if the image is +, – or if it represents tendencies
  • Every video edition can be followed by answering the questions contained in the Student Manual
  • The Teacher Manual contains answers, tips, explanations, image descriptions, discussion ideas and much more to provide a very interactive course and deep understanding of the students’ answers
  • We recommend one hour per week to include in the School Annual Program (or more with extra activities and discussions), or it can be presented as an additional activity at school or done at home supervised by parents.
  • This program is also available on individual basis for parents, for that, please refer to the online-store (soon available).

The +|- Code key points for students:

  • Helps High Potential students like you
  • Helps you to make choices, gives you knowledge
  • Represents the future of Advanced Education
  • Activates your Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.)
  • Helps you to see beyond the form
  • Helps you to become a leader
  • Awakens and develops awareness in you, helps you to solve problems

Program benefits

  • Improves the teachers - students relationship
  • Beautiful moment to learn in a fun and entertaining way
  • Places the school at the avant-garde of our time and method of teaching
  • Allows for interactivity; the teacher can pause the video to make the class participate


The true meaning of emotional intelligence is our capacity to understand with our emotions, with our heart, with love and profound understanding, without criticism or analytical coldness.


+|– Tendencies

In a world of multiple choices, it is very important to teach young people to look and think deeply so as to help them develop their emotional intelligence (their EQ, i.e. emotional quotient). It is often believed that a sense of evaluation and discernment is innate and easy to apply. However, if these skills for understanding are not taught, they are very often learnt through experimentation and life experiences that can create a lot of difficulties in our lives. Evaluation of the + and – aspects leads us to question life to understand, discover, to re-discover it, and to know and improve it. Hence, students discover the profound behavioral patterns and attitudes that make up the palette of +|– aspects as well as the multi-dimensions of all our experiences and experimentations in Life.

Discussing +|–  = Studying Multi-Dimensions

Through this school program, you will be able to teach young people to feel, to sense and to deeply perceive what they see. They will also understand that there may be a % of positivity, that there may be tendencies within positivity, which can extend from 1% – 100%, just as negativity may also comprise variable dynamics of strengths and weaknesses. Through easy-to-understand examples, students will also study and come to see that negativity may have a positive dynamic. Like a good leader, who understands all facets of a situation, knowledge of + and – enables us to find, propose and activate solutions.

By understanding the whole palette of colors, shades, tones, and nuances of + and –, students can discover different facets both of themselves and of their environment. By learning to evaluate themselves, and to question life, they may then discover the behavioral and emotional nuances that exist in everyone.

Non-judgmental study and evaluation

This essential notion and understanding that, to a certain extent, degree, %, or tendency, there is a palette of colors in all + and all –, reveals that even in – there are always constructive aspects, lessons to be learnt. An error, for example, will eventually help us improve ourselves. Hence, students learn to evaluate with a positive, global conscience, without judging others or the situation itself.

As students progress through the 26 Editions of the 1st year of this school program, they gradually come to understand that emotional intelligence is also a capacity of adaptation and diplomacy in relationships, whereby we understand things, and know that we cannot always share what we sense, feel and perceive, while simultaneously respecting others. Discretion is a great quality that goes hand in hand with emotional intelligence.


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